The World Driving Championship for Pairs 2019

During 11th-15th September 2019, the World Driving Championship for Pairs took place in Germany in a small town Drebkau. The organizer was the riding and driving association Raakow Castle, which has a great facility for driving sport.

83 athletes fulfilled the qualification criteria out of 24 countries of the world. 16 nations participated in competition of teams. Together there were 245 competing horses. The Ground Jury President was Joaquin Medina Garcia from Spain, the role of a technical delegate accepted Jeroen Houterman from Netherlands and British Barry Hunder was a course designer.

Slovakia was represented by Miroslav Matúška from the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky and for the first time Szilárd Barta from JO Martin-Záturčie Vrútky.

The vet check opened the event on Wednesday morning. Four horses did not pass – ITA, POL, ZA, LUX. The Slovak horses passed without any problems.

After the two days of dressage, Hungarian Martin Hölle got in the lead with a result 32,29. Miroslav Matúška ended on 41st place with 61,96 penalty points and Szilárd Barta reached 71,95 penalty points which was enough for 82nd place.

The marathon course was very difficult. Section B was 8,440 km long with 8 obstacles. Martin Hölle from Hungary confirmed his quality when he managed to hold the first place in marathon too. Miroslav Matúška improved his position and ended on 31st place. The result of Szilárd Barta was sufficient for 70th place.

The cones were a big disappointment for the leader Martin Hölle. He earned 14,49 penalty points and ended on the 59th place. The winner was Austrian Stefan Bösch. Miroslav Matúška rode the course without knocking the balls off but with the penalties for time. He gained 26th position. Szilárd Barta ended on 70th place.

After completing of the results, the winner became Martin Hölle from Hungary, the silver medal went to Sandro Koalick from Germany and the bronze stayed in Netherlands thank to Stan van Eijk. In the competition of teams, the first place belonged to Hungary, Netherlands came the second and Germany the third.

Miroslav Matúška gained 41st place in combined competition. Szilárd Barta ended on 73rd position. In the competition of teams Slovakia was the 15th.

Text: NŽT

Foto: Krisztina Horváth, Brigitte Gfeller

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