Vaulting team of the National Stud Farm successful at Slovak Championship

Slovak Championship in vaulting took place in Dunajský Klátov at the end of September 2019. The best teams from the country came to compete.

The vaulting team from Topoľčianky has two horses. Seven-year-old gelding Leon after Dorman du Puy and Lord Inci Tatus and his half-sister Lea, which is also seven years old after Dorman du Puy and Lord Inci Tatus.

The team with its longeur Boris Kodak even this year gained several medals. In the category of junior squad 2* they reached to the gold and became the champions of Slovak Republic. On the horse Leon, there were Ivana Cigáňová, Andrej Meňhert, Stela Strečková, Laura Balážová, Sebastian Kodak a Matúš Solčiansky competing. In Pas de deux, Stela Strečková and Andrej Meňhert gained the silver medal.

Among the individuals, the gold won Ivana Cigáňová in the category children women 2*. In the same category Laura Balážová ended on the 6th place out of 27 competitors. The youngest member of the team Matúš Solčiansky also did a good job when he gained the gold medal in the category of children men 1*. Stela Strečková reached to the 4th place among juniors women 2*. There were also friendly competitions where Andrej Meňhert and Sebastian Kodak won their categories. Within the event, Leon became the best horse in competition of teams and the second best horse in pas de deux.

Slovak Vaulting Cup

Slovak vaulting cup (SVP) is an all-year-ranking. It evaluates best horses and the best competitors among women and men. Leon became the horse of the year in the team category and Lea won the pas de deux category. The ranking of women consists of 92 athletes. Ivana Cigáňová gained the second position, Laura Balážová the 9th position and Stela Strečková the 11th position. In the ranking of men the first place won Andrej Meňhert, Boris Kodak ended on the 4th position and Matúš Solčianksy on the 6th position.

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