EXAMS OF PERFORMANCE - Topoľčianky, 6th November 2019

The Head of the Commission:

Prof. Ing. Marko Halo, PhD.

The Members of the Commission:

Ing. Juraj Kovalčík

Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD.

Ing. Samuel Sokol

Ing. Kamil Šulko

Cooperating with the Commission:

Miroslav Matúška, the Head of the Training

On behalf ŠVaPS:

MVDr. Dušan Solár

Program of the Exams of Performance:


           Measurement of the horses, checking of the passports,

          evaluation of the horses by the head of the training


          Opening of the Exams of the Performance


          The exams: evaluation of the type, exterior and readability


          Marathon, dressage, cones


          Evaluation of the exams, written record


              On 6th November 2019, there were Autumn Exams of Performance at the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky. The horses of the gen sources – mares of Shagya-arab and Lipizzaner – were tested. All the mares were owned by the National Stud Farm Topolcianky.

The Commission notes that the exams were very well prepared. The Commission agrees that the mares Pluto XX-20 and Maestoso XV-6 will be tested in driving sport. The Commission suggests putting the rest of the mares in the breeding program of Shagya-arab and Lipizzaner.



  1. Pluto XX-20                                  8,40 points       ELITA
  2. Maestoso XV-6                           8,31 points       ELITA
  3. Neapolitano XII-37                    8,74 points       ELITA
  4. Favory XVIII-1                              8,42 points       ELITA
  5. O´ Bajan V-11                              8,53 points       ELITA
  6. Gazal VIII-19                                8,27 points       ELITA
  7. Kuhailan Urkub I-33                  8,26 points       ELITA
  8. Gazal V-33                                   8,33 points       ELITA
  9. O´ Bajan V-16                             8,65 points       ELITA
  10. O´ Bajan V-2                                8,54 points       ELITA

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