The Championship of Slovak Republic in Driving

On 24th – 26th July 2020 there was a national driving event taking place at the premises of the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky and the race course of Topoľčianky. The event was also classified as the Championship of Slovak Republic for Singles and Pairs. The categories of pony single and four-in- hand were opened too. The results are considered as a qualification for the Czech driving serial called „Golden Horseshoe “. The final will take place in Humpolec in the middle of August.

The Ground Jury President and the Technical Delegate in one person was Robert Fekár (SVK), other members were Jiří Kunát (CZE) and Josef Trojanec (CZE). The role of steward accepted Blanka Trojancová (CZE). Pavol Gašpar (SVK) was the course designer. Due to a higher number of competitors the organizer had to change the event to three days instead of planned two. There were 35 drivers altogether from Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia and Slovakia.

CAN2* P1, H1, H2, H4

In the combined competition in the category of pony singles the winner became Vanessza Nagy from Hungary with the mare Fanni. The second place belonged to Ágnes Jambor Blanka with Benjamin and the third place gained Bertold Juhász and Fred, all from Hungary. In the category of horse singles, the best driver was Roosileht Pille Riin with Donald from Estonia, the second place belonged to Jan Minarčík from Czech Republic and the third place went to Hungary again for Gábor D´Ess. The highest number of the competitors was in the category of pairs. The first and the second place gained Miroslav Matúška from the home club. The third place belonged to Kiss Róbert from Hungary. In the category of four-in-hand, there was only one competitor entered - József Vida from Hungary.

Bronze badge of SJF for MVDr. Ivan Babík

The festive atmosphere of the prize giving ceremony enhanced the bronze badge of SJF submission to MVDr. Ivan Babík from TJ Žrebčín Motešice. The prize was given directly by the president of SJF Ing. Vladimír Chovan on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of his life and for his lifelong contribution to equestrian sport. Good health and many other successes also wished him the director of the National Stud Farm Ing. Michal Horny, PhD. and the president of the Bratislava region of SJF and at the same time the main judge of the event RNDr. Robert Fekár.

The Championship H1, H2

In the category of singles, the new Champion of Slovak Republic is Ľudovít Kurkin with a horse Puškin from JZK Equs Poprad. Silver medal went to Ladislav Hána and bronze to Ivan Babík, both from TJ Žrebčín Motešice.

The category of pairs was opened after seven years. There were eight pairs to fight for the title. The new Champion became Miroslav Matúška from JK pri Národnom žrebčíne Topoľčianky, who also gained a silver medal with his second pair. Bronze also stayed in Topoľčianky, for Jozef Mašír. The fourth place belonged to András Gasparík from JK Czajlik ranch. The fifth place gained Szilárd Barta from JO Martin Záturčie. Milan Gajan from KPKL Bodrovec ended on the sixth place and Jozef Bučkuliak from JO Martin Záturčie on the seventh place. The newcomer Pavol Kemencei from JK pri NŽ Topoľčianky was unfortunately disqualified after a mistake in marathon.

All results can be found here:,

Golden Horseshoe

The Czech equestrian series Golden Horseshoe is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year. It concerns the equestrian disciplines such as eventing and driving. Many significant names of equestrian world in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are connected with the history of the origin of this unique activity. Since 1970, the series has found its background on the Humpolec farm of the secondary agricultural school and at the same time has received significant support from the town of Humpolec. During its development, it underwent many forms and modifications. In the form in which we know it today, it has been operating since 1980. After many years, cooperation with Slovakia was renewed again, when this year's national driving event in Topoľčianky was included as one of the qualifying rounds of the Golden Horseshoe. It was the jubilee 55th year that became an event where we will be able to watch the competitors from Slovakia again in the final.

Predbežný časový harmonogram / Preliminary Timetable

Majstrovstvá SR H1, H2 - Zlatá podkova

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