The Prize of the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky in Show Jumping

Cena Národného žrebčína Topoľčianky v parkúrovom skákaní 2021

The first sporting event at the National Stud Farm after the release of pandemic measures in connection with Covid-19 was a show jumping event on May 22-23, 2021. More than 80 riding pairs were reported, resulting in 120 starts a day.

The cold and rainy May weekend checked the readiness not only of the organizing team, but also of the riders, horses and, last but not least, the jury. The author of the course was an experienced course designer from Czech Republic, Ján Kopiš.

The judging board, which ensured the smooth running of all competitions, was commanded by Anka Virágová, the technical delegate was Ing. Kamil Šulko and other members of the jury were Bibiána Zacharová and Patrik Mikulášik. Many thanks to the sponsors of the event, who presented the winners with interesting material and financial prizes. They were Cavalor, Gazoo, Heineken and the Topoľčianky National Stud Farm.

Five competitions were announced for each day - from 80 cm for young horses or novice riders, to grade M at an obstacle height of 130 cm. In the first competition, 14 starting pairs came together. Tereza Dolinayová and her horse Zidane from JK Poprad Švábovce managed to achieve the smallest deviation from the optimal time. The second place was taken by the home rider Stanislav Chrappa with a 4-year-old mare Ambra, for whom it was the premiere start. The third place was won by Tamara Dorková with her horse Michel from JK Poprad Švábovce.

The competition of the ZM degree continued, at a height of 90 cm. Tamara Dorková won again with her horse Michel from JK Poprad Švábovce in front of the riding pairs from the Czech Republic - Kristýna Lecová on a horse Nina Ricci VZ and Veronika Sloupská on a horse Galilee.

38 horses entered the two-phase jumping with a height of 100/110 cm. Representatives of JK Ranč Palomino Bohunice took the first places. Igor Šulek with Dorian won, Barbora Sokolová took the second place on Cleopatra and again Igor Šulek gained the third place, this time with the Camelot.

This was followed by a competition of grade "L" with a height of 120 cm. The starting list included 20 pairs. The fastest was Igor Šulek and Dorian from JK Ranč Palomino Bohunice. More than five seconds behind him, Maroš Kuchár on a horse Hawaii from JK TJ Slávia STU Bratislava. However, the same rider with the horse Hella Calida also took third place.

The Topoľčianky National Stud Prize was a "M" grade competition with the prizemoney of EUR 500. Only four pairs fought their way to the jump-off, and only two of them managed to keep a clean sheet. The first and second place was won by Igor Šulek with horses Lafibolus and Crack from JK Ranch Palomino Bohunice. The third place was won by the pair Maroš Kuchár and Hella Calida from JK TJ Slávia STU Bratislava.

It started at 90 cm on Sunday. Stanislav Chrappa and Ambra became the best pair. The second place was taken by Vanessa Sallai and the horse Reunion from KPKRJ Rimavská Sobota and the third place went to Veronika Sloupská and Galilea from Czech Republic.

The second competition on Sunday was jumping up to 100 cm at the optimal time. Laura Chmelíková and North Star X-8 from TJ Žrebčín Motešice won among 35 pairs with an excellent time difference of 0.4 s. Tamara Dobiášová and Ally from JK Trenčín Nozdrkovce finished in second place. The third place was taken by Barbora Sokolová with the horse Dragon Fly from JK Ranč Palomino Bohunice.

The obstacles rose to 110 cm and continued with the ZL level against the clock. The first prize went to Igor Šulek with his horse Camelot, followed by Laura Chmelíková and North Star X-8 from TJ Žrebčín Motešice. Dušan Miloslav Bucov and Quick van den Bosdai from JŠ Topoľčianky took the third place.

At the height of 120 cm, the fastest was Igor Šulek and Dorian from JK Ranch Palomino Bohunice. Simon Hlocký from JŠ Topoľčianky placed right behind him and Igor Šulek with horse Crack from JK Ranč Palomino Bohunice gained the third place.

The race culminated on a level M competition, where the obstacles rose to 130 cm. 14 riding pairs fought, six of them completed the course without penalty points and thus proceeded to the jump-off. Igor Šulek and Lafibolus from the Palomino Bohunice Ranch won with the fastest time and without penalty points. Second place went to team colleague Barbora Sokolová with horse Clifin and the third place went to Marián Sýkora with horse Andigo WPZ from JK ZCHKS Topoľčianky.

Congratulations to all of them once again and we wish you good health and good sports performances during the rest of the season.

Výsledky sobota (22.05.2021):

1. "80" optimálny čas

2. "90" optimálny čas

3. "100/110" dvojfázové skákanie

4. "L" na čas


 Výsledky nedeľa (23.05.2021):

6. "ZM" optimálny čas

7. "Z" optimálny čas

8. "ZL" na čas

9. "L" na čas


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