Spring breeding evaluation at the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky


The selection committee for horse breeding MPRV SR on the 12th-13th May 2021 carried out the spring breeding evaluation in NŽ "Topoľčianky" š.p. 8 Lipizzaner breeding stallions, 39 Lipizzaner breeding mares, 8 Shagya-Arabian breeding stallions, 35 Shagya-Arabian breeding mares, 7 Hucul horse breeding stallions, 24 Hucul horse breeding mares, 15 Slovak warmblood breeding mares, 4 mares of the Arabian Thoroughbred breed, 2 breeding stallions of the Arabian Thoroughbred breed, young horses of all breeds up to 3 years, 41 horses in training, 45 sport horses and 5 racehorses owned by NŽ “Topoľčianky“ š.p.

Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, the commission worked in compliance with the prescribed hygiene measures.

The commission positively assessed the readiness of all facilities and horses for the spring evaluation. All breeding facilities and the surrounding environment were well prepared. The Commission assesses in particular the good condition and health of the horses and the hoof trimming and shoeing and the overall appearance of the horses shown, as well as the condition of the reproductive performance in all herds at 100% insemination. The Commission approved the mating plans for the 2021 season.

In the herd of the Slovak Warmblood breed, imported insemination doses from the state stud farm Marbach, Germany (stallions Uno I and Doctor Blue), insemination doses of the breeding stallion EMBASY II (owner: Galmabacher - Sport Pferde Zucht, Germany) and fresh ID from the hired stallion DAVOS (owner: State Stud Farm Marbach) are used in the reproduction. These stallions are also offered by the Insemination and Reproduction Centre for owners of mares of the Slovak Warmblood breed in the private breeding.

Horses were selected for the list of sale due to exterior, health and reproductive indicators. Horses included in the list of sale are attached to the minutes.

Employees of NŽ “Topoľčianky“š.p. provided the spring evaluation at a high level. The Commission highlighted the correct staffing and professional presentation of the horses, as well as the complete breeding records submitted.

During the breeding evaluation, stallions and young mares were pre-selected for breeding training. As well as the inclusion of horses on the list of sale.

The horses included in the breeding training:

Conversano XIII-51, kobyla

Siglavy XIII-23, mare

Favory XVIII-3, mare

Favory XVIII-12, mare

O´Bajan V-13, stallion (pre-selected)

Siglavy XIII-26, stallion (pre-selected)

Gazal VIII-21, stallion (pre-selected)

O´Bajan V-32, stallion (pre-selected)

Pluto XXI-14, stallion (pre-selected)

Pluto XXI-20, stallion (pre-selected)

Conversano XIII-68, stallion (pre-selected)

Goral XX-16, mare

Goral XX-17, mare

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