Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022 in Topoľčianky

Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022 in Topoľčianky

On the 27th of August, after a 5-year break, almost all vaulting clubs from Slovakia gathered again in the grounds of the National Stud. The reason was the penultimate round of the Slovakian national ranking, the Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022. For all trainees, vaulters and their horses, it was an opportunity to improve their previous scores in their category. Altogether, almost 60 individuals, 6 pairs and 4 groups presented themselves here. The performances were really fantastic, it was something to look at....

Within individuals, six age categories were evaluated. Among the younger male children, Filip Nikolíni from JK SŠ Ivanka pri Dunaji did the best on the horse Camélia. In the category of older children men, the best result was given by Matúš Solčiansky from JK at NŽ Topoľčianky on the horse Liliane. As many as 16 competitors fought for the championship in the category of older children and women. The championship was won by Tara Jurášová from JK SŠ Ivanka pri Dunaji on the horse Catalin Lucas G. Home athlete Andrej Meňhert on the horse Leon received the best rating in the category Junior men. Among the junior women, Soňa Janigová from JK Freestyle Poprad had the best workout on Leo da Vinci. Her classmate Sára Šoltézsová, riding Walter Winnie, won the championship in the senior women's category.

In the pas de deux category, Zuzana Špačková and Zara Cvetkovič from JK SŠ Ivanka pri Dunaji won on the horse Catoki M. Second place was won by a pair from TJ SOUP Šaľa – Viktória Tóthová and Mia Spiszaková, and Sarah Kleinhappel and Sophia Hodúrová from JK Farao finished in third place.

The squad competition is always the most attractive for the audience. In the category of younger children, the group from JK SŠ Ivanka pri Dunaji, composed of Filip Nikolíni, Laura Bačiaková, Naďa Marčeková, Emma Zaťková, Rebeka Antalíková and Alžbeta Milková on the horse Trouble Maker Z, won. In the junior category, the best performance was given by the squad from JK pri NŽ Topoľčianky in composition of Andrej Meňhert, Laura Balážová, Stella Strečková, Gabriela Karáčová, Sebastián Kodak and Matúš Solčiansky.

The best evaluated horse in the individual and squad category was Leon from the home club JK pri NŽ Topoľčianky, trained by Boris Kodak. In the pas de deux category, Catoki M from SŠ Ivanka pri Dunaji under the leadership of Diana Antalíková won.

We heartily congratulate all the winners and those placed, and we wish you a lot of sports strength for the championships of the Slovak Republic, which are planned for the end of September in Dunajský Klátov.

Výsledky - SVP Topolčianky 27.8.2022

Text: NŽT


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