Hubert's ride at the Topoľčianky National Stud

Hubertova jazda v Národnom žrebčíne Topoľčianky

After a two-year break caused by measures related to the Covid 19 pandemic, on the third Saturday of October, the National Stud in cooperation with the Slovak Equestrian Federation said goodbye to the rich sports and breeding season. Hubert's ride already belongs to the traditions of the National Stud. This year's participants were greeted by typically autumn weather enhanced by the colourful diversity of the surrounding forests.

As usual, many personalities from equestrian and cultural life gathered in Topoľčianky. The president of the Slovak Equestrian Federation, Vladimír Chovan, was also present. The event was supported by the honorary chairman of the SJF, Andrej Glatz, who belonged among the most successful show jumping riders of his era and was also a long-term organizer of CSIO Bratislava. The guests of honour who accepted the invitation included the ex-president of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič and the director of the Office of the General Secretary of the Service Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and the chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the National Stud Cvetana Kučerková.

At the ceremonial opening of Hubert's ride in front of the Castle in Topoľčianky, 11 carriages and twenty riders entered. Hubert's ride was opened by the director of the National Stud, Michal Horný, and the director of the office of the general secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Stud, Cvetana Kučerková. Emil Kovalčík, the head of stud books and the marketing department, informed the riders, as well as the guests in the carriages, of the strict regulations. The group went towards the ruins of Hrušov Castle, passing the breeding facilities of the National Stud with herds of horses. Under the castle, refreshments were prepared for the guests and all participants. After gaining new strength, the group went back to the Castle in Topoľčianky. During the journey, the riders jumped over natural obstacles in constant pursuit of the symbolic "fox". The long-awaited culmination of the hunt - halali - took place in front of the Topoľčianky Castle. Riders looked for the hidden foxtail in bushes, under stumps, in grass and on branches. Finally, the fox was found quite quickly. This year the Austrian rider Dorothea Enzenberg won on the 10-year-old Lipizzaner mare Mirabela from the Topoľčianky National Stud.

Tired but satisfied riders returned to the courtyard of the stud farm. After taking care of the horses, they were waiting for a meeting in the decorated historical equestrian hall. There was also "Hubert stew" and traditional gourmet specialties.

This was the official end of the sports and breeding season at the National Stud.

We wish all riders and their horses enough rest to gain new strength for the next season in 2023.

Text: NŽT

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