The National Stud has published its schedule of events for 2024

The National Stud has published its schedule of events for 2024

It is once again packed with breeding, sports and social events.

The calendar starts already at the beginning of March with the Breeding Seminar focused on the legislation connected with horse breeding in practice and the presentation of breeding stallions for the following breeding season. Other breeding events will continue in the course of the year, traditionally with breeding evaluations and performance tests in spring and autumn.

Despite the fact that the tourist season only starts in May, the National Stud will open its doors earlier during the Easter holidays with Family Trips. Perhaps the most famous day at the stud is the Traditional Open Day on May 1. Once again, a rich program will be prepared, such as demonstrations of riding disciplines, tours of the stables, riding in carriages pulled by the royal Lipizzaner breed and much more. The highlight of the event will certainly be the festive Gala program, which is enjoyed not only by the little ones, but also by adults. The gala program is not only a highlight for the spectators, but also for the National Stud, because the individual performances are presentation of the usefulness of horses and their important role in society and provide us with an image of significant historical value. For those impatient, the gates open a day earlier on the rehearsal of the gala program of the Open Day. We believe that our expectations in terms of attendance will be exceeded again.

With the official opening of the tourist season, visitors can look forward to tours of the historic riding hall from the time of the Habsburgs, which are available with a duide during weekdays. In addition to tours of the stables, our horses of up to six breeds look forward to seeing you. Perhaps the most famous horse in Slovakia, Maestoso XIV Timrava of the Lipizzan breed, which was symbolically gifted to Queen Elizabeth II of England, remains an attraction and he is grateful for each of his other admirers.

By diversifying the program not only during the holidays, but also during selected sports events, the "Carriage for Sissi" will be very popular. Riding in a carriage pulled by Lipizzaner horses in the pleasant surroundings of the Castle Park will transport you to the past and, at least for a moment, you can feel like an empress. A novelty will be the opening of the Hippological exposition of the National Stud during selected sports events in the form of an individual tour. The national stud has not forgotten even the smallest ones. In Topoľčianky, you can spend not only Children's Day on Saturday, June 1, but also Farewell to Summer.

The year 2024 will definitely be a sports year not only for the stud, but also for the whole world as the XXXII Summer Oplympic Games are being held in Paris. Sports events at the National Stud will be opened already in May with perhaps the most attractive equestrian discipline for spectators, which is show jumping. The National Stud is also unique in its multifunctionality and quality of conditions, as it organizes up to 5 equestrian disciplines and horse races, which is confirmed by the number of "championship" sports events. In addition to showjumping, spectators can also look forward to another riding discipline called dancing with a horse, dressage, up to three dates. Dressage riders will demonstrate their horsemanship on the first weekend of July, at the Slovak Championships for children, juniors and young riders in August, and in September they will close the peak of the season with the Championships for young horses, seniors and ponies. In June, in addition to the horse races, international driving competition at the level of up to 3* await us, which will also be the Championships of the Slovak Republic in singles and pairs. The "Great Topolčianska Steeplechase" will be the culmination of the second race day at the National Stud this year, earlier in July. The first weekend of August will check the readiness of horses in endurance riding at the International Endurance Races CEI1*, CEI2*. With the vaulting competition on August 31, we will symbolically say goodbye to summer.

The third Saturday of October traditionally belongs to Hubert's ride in Topoľčianky, which closes the riding season. The last of the prepared events is the arrival of Saint Nicholas at the National Stud, again with a new and interesting story.

All more detailed information for visitors about the events can be found on our official website and Facebook page.

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