Breeding Seminar in Topoľčianky

Chovateľský seminár v Topoľčiankach

On March 2, 2024, a breeding seminar was held again in the premises of the National Stud. Its focus was primarily dedicated to horse breeders, but it was accessible to all horse lovers who were interested in participating. The event was supported by the presence of private breeders, interested parties from all over Slovakia, as well as members of the PZ SR from the equestrian police department from Košice and Bratislava.

The main topic of the seminar was the legislation connected with horse breeding in practice. The meeting was opened by Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD., head of breeding stud books and marketing, who informed those present about the upcoming breeding, sports and cultural and social events in the upcoming 2024 season. Ing. Monika Ivančíková, PhD. from the Centre for Breeding Records and Marketing of the National Stud informed about legislation connected with horse breeding in practice.

After the discussion, the participants of the seminar moved to the historic stables of the stud farm, where the breeding stallions of the Hucul horse, Arabian thoroughbred, Shagya-Arab, Lipizzaner and Slovak warm-blooded stallions were presented, which are working in the Insemination and Reproduction centre in the breeding season of 2024.

The new breeding stallion of the Bavarian Warmblood breed is the stallion ARRIVEDERCI, son of the internationally successful stallion Asti Spumante. He comes from the Bavarian state stud farm Schwaiganger. His mother Dolce Vita won  high marks at the state premium show and is a daughter of the sire Pilot, one of the best German jumpers. Other performance attributes can be found in the stallion's pedigree through the Anglo-Arabian stud Matcho, or stallions Kantor and Mahdi.

Arrivederci won the license and 30-day jumping tests, as a 5-year-old he was a successful finalist of the Bundeschampionship and as a 6-year-old he placed and won several times in intermediate level jumping competitions. Later, as a senior, he completed countless competitions up to the "TT" level. He has significantly established himself at the international level. He was a member of the winning team of Germany in the Nations Cup at CSIO 3* Bratislava in 2014. In 2016, he also won the Bavarian Championship and the Wiener Neustadt Grand Prix with Lawrence Green. The stallion stands out for its jumping power, nobility and hard work. He transmits these qualities reliably to his offspring and is an excellent successor to the line of the Asti Spumante stallion.

During the coming season, fresh insemination doses of demonstrated stallions will also be available for breeders in the private breeding.

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