Classical Riding School from Topoľčianky at „PFERD Wels“ 2014

Topoľčianska klasická škola na „PFERD Wels“ 2014

One of the most significant equestrian fairs in Europe called „PFERD Wels“ takes place every year in a beautiful Austrian town – Wels. Almost 44 000 visitors came to the area of Wels exhibition. There were horse lovers, hobby riders, breeders as well as professional riders and trainers of various equestrian disciplines.

More than 230 exhibitors from 10 European countries were a part of this unique fair. They were offering equestrian goods of all sorts. The visitors could see over 200 presentations in daily programme focused on introduction of horse breeds and breeding institutions or individual riding disciplines. There were more than 500 horses of various breeds form the world stabled.

A part of this event was an impressive night show called “The Night of Horses”. It took place during three nights of the exhibition and there were more than 3000 spectators every night. They enjoyed the imposing evening programme. Classical Riding School from Topoľčianky was a part of his show which was opened by the quadrille. Later at night, the spectators could see popular movements above the ground (levade, curbette, pesade, capriole and also piaff, passage, Spanish walk etc.) presented from the saddle and from the ground, too. The atmosphere of the show was unforgettable – bright lights, sound of an excellent quality and thousands of spectators appreciating the performance by loud applause.  It was unforgettable experience for the spectators as well as for the performers.

The National Stud Farm Topoľčianky was also the part of daily programme. The aim was to present the stud and breeding lipizzaners. This horse breed was shown as a dressage horse under the saddle and also  in a carriage, so the visitors could see universal usage of this breed. There was also an info stand of the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky in Hall 4. Hundreds of people came here every day to inform about the activities of the stud, about the breeds and about the possibilities to buy a horse.

The National Stud Farm was invited by the organizer as a guest for the evening show. A picture of a lpizzaner in pesade from the Classical Riding School in Topoľčianky became the main motive of all marketing campaign.  This motive was on thousands of build boards in whole Austria. The day and evening programme was shot by the national TV channel ORF. The most popular newspaper “Krone Zeitung” and also the popular equestrian magazine “Reiter Revue” published a large article about the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky as the main allurement of the fair.

The participation at this magnificent equestrian fair was another valuable award for breeding and riding work of the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky as well as positive visibility Slovak Republic and the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky on European level.

Topoľčianska klasická škola na „PFERD Wels“ 2014
Photos: Ula Sawicka, Archív NŽ Topoľčianky

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